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Sainik School Medical Test 2024 All Useful Information Check Here

Sainik School Medical Test 2024 Overview: Information regarding the medical examination of candidates for admission to the Sainik Schools is given below. Students who qualified in AISSEE 2024 will go for Medical Test and interview round in the month of February 2024. Here you can check detailed information about Sainik School Medical Test 2024 – Parameters and admission requirements.

Sainik School Medical Test 2024

The medical examination of the candidate for admission to 33+ Sainik Schools will be carried out by a Medical Board on a prescribed format of school. Check Sainik School Medical Examination for Class 6th and 9th given below. 

Sainik School Medical Test 2024 Overview
Sainik School Medical Test 2024

Height and Weight Parameter

It is not possible to lay down precise standards for height but the medical board will be guided for the assessment by the physical standards laid down for candidates seeking admission to the National Defence Academy.

Height and to an extent, weight are largely government by heredity. Therefore candidates whose parents are short-statured and below normal weight may not eventually attain the minimum standard of height and weight required for the Armed Forces. This point should therefore, be borne in mind by the parents/ guardians of such candidates before they seek admission to Sainik Schools and CMPK UP Sainik School Lucknow, Gorakhpur for their sons/ wards.

Visual Standards (Eye Site)

The minimum acceptable visual standards are as under:

Distant VisionBetter Eye
  • V-6/6
Worse Eye
  • V-6/9 Correctable to 6/6
Near VisionN-5Correctable to N-5

Colour – Safe.

Field of Vision – Normal in Each Eye as tested by confrontation test.

Binocular Vision – The candidate must have good binocular vision.

This is the Sainik School Medical test criteria which should be satisfied by all AISSEE 2024 qualified students. 

Reason to Fail in Sainik School Medical Test 2024

It will also be ensued that:

  • There is no evidence of weak constitution, imperfect development serious malformation or obesity.
  • There is no maldevelopment or impairment of the function of bones or joints.
  • There is no impediment of speech.
  • There is no malformation of the head deformity from fracture of depression of the bones of skull.
  • There is no disease of the bones or cartilages of the nose or nasal polypus or disease of the nasopharynx and accessory sinuses.
  • There is no impaired hearing discharge from a disease of either ear, unhealed perforation of the tympanic membranes or signs of acute of chronic suppurative otitis – media or evidence of radical or modified radical mastoid operation.
  • There is no disease of the neck and other parts of the body and the thyroid gland is normal.
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  • There is no disease of the throat, palate, tonsils or gums or any disease or injury affecting the normal function of either mandible or mandibular joints.
  • There is no sign or functional or organic disease of the heart and blood vessels.
  • There is no evidence of pulmonary tuberculosis or previous history of the disease of any other chronic disease of the lungs.
  • There is no evidence of any disease of the digestive system including any abnormality of the liver and the spleen.
  • There is no hernia or tendency thereto.
  • There is no hydrocele or varicocele or any other disease or defect of the genital organs.
  • There is no fistula and fissure of the annus or haemorrhoids.
  • There is no disease of the kidneys. Cases showing albuminuria or glycosuria will not be accepted.
  • There is no disease of the skin unless temporary or trivial scars which by their exterior extent or position cause or are likely to cause disability or marked disfigurement will be a cause of rejection.
  • There is no active, latent or congenital venereal diseases.
  • There is no history or evidence of mental disease. Candidates suffering from epilepsy, incontinence of urine or enuresis will not accepted.
  • There is no squint or morbid condition of the eye or the lids which is liable to a risk of aggravation or recurrence.
  • There is no active trachoma or its complications and sequelae.

These are the all parements should be satisfied by all students at the time of Sainik School medical test 2024-25.

If you have a query about Sainik School Medical Test 2024 then ask by leaving a comment in below comment area.

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